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Summer 2023 TCA e*Train

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It’s hard to believe that we are almost into summer. Officially the start date for summer is the Summer Solstice, June 21st. But looking wround right now kids are out, or getting out of school, pools are open, and the beaches are calling. What are you going to do with your trains and your layouts this summer? We have some exciting news for you!

In Eyes Open Bill Fuller finds and uses common household items to enhance a layout.

Honoring The Honorary describes an interesting history of TCA membership.

There are updates from Bob Mintz who shares information about 6464 Doors, Trollies Good Golly!, Answer the 6464 Question Question, Maintenance of Way cars, Handcars, and Window Display Cars.

Bob has also written a new article of Lionel Repurposing: Diners.

Gerry Lipkin was able to bring together Old Meets New and describes his European and 1 gauge train layout.

Past President, Stu Rankin, shares one of the joys of being President in President’s Award 2022.

Mike Spanier is a unique collector who tells us, among other things, Super O is Super!

John Halajko presents an interesting twist on a traveling layout in Part 1 of his new series: Super Portable Train Gardens.

And rounding out the new articles, Bob Gray talks about the latest event combining a local trolley museum, a local train chapter, and kids in The WB&A Kids Show.

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