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Did you know that many of the images in our collection, as well as certain other library materials, can be viewed online from your computer at home? Over 2,000 unique photos are searchable within our ever-expanding database today. Additionally, you’ll find searchable records for many more of our library holdings.

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As a preeminent repository of information related to toy trains, the National Toy Train Library offers a wealth of research assistance services, including document scans and high-resolution images (subject to copyright and other limitations).

Some services are free of charge, while more in-depth research support is available for set fees for TCA Members and the general public. Please visit our Research Requests page for more information about the services we offer to general researchers, collectors, and toy train enthusiasts.

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Our librarian and committee of library volunteers, who specialize in toy trains from various manufacturers and time periods, are always happy to assist researchers and TCA members both in the National Toy Train Library and with questions submitted online.

Call (717) 687-8623 ext. 108 or email with questions. (Please note that the Train Collectors Association and the Library cannot perform appraisals or provide monetary values for toy trains.)