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Shipping Info, Merchandise Returns, Payment Policies

When you shop our online Museum Store, the following policies apply. Have questions or need additional information on placing an order with us? Please call (717) 687-8976.

Shipping Information

Flat Rate Shipping and Handling* will be determined by the amount of the order as follows (these rates are for the Continental United States):

ShipperTotal USDAmount
USPS (or best way)Between 0 and 25 USD$4.95
USPS (or best way)Between 25.01 and 50 USD$6.95
USPS (or best way)Between 50.01 and 100 USD$8.95
USPS (or best way)Between 100.01 and 150 USD$11.95
USPS (or best way)Between 150.01 and 200 USD$14.95
USPS (or best way)200.01 or more USD$16.95

*These rates are subject to change in case of a general rate increase. For shipments outside of the United States mainland, please contact us in advance by email or phone; the system does not accept foreign orders. Note that some items may be marked as Free Shipping. These are either for special sales or items that customers will pick up at certain events.

Payments and Sales Tax Calculations

We are unable to accept payments by check. Credit card payment (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) is required to order online.

By Pennsylvania law, we charge 6% on all items shipped to addresses in Pennsylvania. Note that this tax is levied on the combined cost of merchandise and shipping. Some items, such as clothing, are not taxable. Shipping costs are taxable. We do not collect on shipments to addresses outside of Pennsylvania.

Merchandise Return Policy

Returns and/or exchanges may be made for store credit only; no cash or credit card reversal will be given.

Merchandise damaged in shipment (claim filed by the recipient with carrier) will be re-shipped if the product is still available. No returns or exchanges will be accepted after 30 days of purchase. A sales receipt number must accompany all returns and/or exchanges.