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Your Left, Your Left, Your Left, Right, Left

e*Train Issue: Jan 2008   |   Posted in: ,

By Mike Stella

Before I get started, let me say that I committed to e*Train Editor Bob Mintz 12 articles for this issue BUT I found I had some “film” left in my digital camera, so decided to keep going in the sincere hope that TCA members who actually read e*Train would get sick of me and start writing their own articles.

If not, then next issue I will try to submit 20 articles.  That ought to do it.

As the “Greatest Lionel Collector of All Time”, I find I have an almost unlimited number of interesting things to write about.  Almost 100% of what I write is based on my personal collection.  I try to avoid mentioning those items I am still looking to obtain because then it seems everyone starts looking for the same things.  This has happened to me many times.

There are a few Lionel flat cars that I want that were produced with the number on the RIGHT and then again with the number on the LEFT.  Sometimes there is no significant difference in the value.  Other times the value of one can be many times the value of the other.

The #6650 Missile Launching Car with both number locations.

Sometimes the flatcars are red and other times the flatcars are black.  Many times, the change in the number location occurred as the trucks were changed from metal to plastic, but not always.

I was looking on the Internet a few years back, and wondered why a common missile flatcar was selling for many times what I figured it was worth.  Closer examination brought to light a difference in number location.  I missed buying that one but once on the lookout, I found another one a few months later.

The #6670 is almost impossible to find with the number on the right.

Almost 15 years ago I was on a business trip in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and visited a hobby shop where I found the #6670 Boom Car with number on the right.  A very tough variation to find.

Both variations of the #6424 Flatcar are easy to obtain with almost no
difference in value

Some cars that seem easy to find with either variation are the #6414, the #6264; the #6424; the #6800; and the #6801.  All these came with metal trucks first (number on the right) and then later with plastic trucks (number on the left).

A true Lionel Collector will hunt and search and try to get all these flatcars with both number locations.