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A Personal Guide to Collecting Postwar 6464 Boxcars – Part 7

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By Mike Stella

The most common version of the D&RGW 6464-650.

At last the end of this 6464 train is in sight!  We start this final part with the 6464-650 D&RGW.  This is a much better looking boxcar then many of the most recent cars in the series.  This is also the LAST 6464 boxcar that uses more then one color!

Once again, later versions eliminated the “BLT Date”.

A few variations exist and the first is the elimination of that “BLT Date.”

Very light, washed out yellow, compared to brighter yellows.

Finally there exists a D&RGW boxcar that used a different shade of yellow plastic and it is a faded, washed out yellow.

My only 6464-700 Santa Fe back home in my collection!

Next in the series is the 6464-700 Santa Fe.  As a novice beginner, I actually sold my 6464-700 to a new friend just after I arrived in Southern California.  Many years later when I was attempting to “complete” my 6464 collection, I asked if he would sell it back to me, and he did!  Same $15 that I first sold it to him for.  A friend then and still a friend today.  I have no variations of this car because I don’t count rivets!

The Orange 6464-725 New Haven.

The 6464-725 New Haven boxcar is next and here’s the only 6464 that uses the identical scheme but comes in two different colors.  (pic316.jpg) 

The Black 6464-725 New Haven.

First is the solid ORANGE boxcar and next is the solid BLACK version.  The O/B always says 6464-735 on the end flaps but the car is numbered 6464-725.  The Black boxcar brings a much higher price but is still easy to find almost always in great condition with an O/B.

I wonder if somebody at Lionel was supposed to use the 6464-735 number?

Towards the end of the Postwar era Lionel may have limited production of the next 6464 boxcar.

The Alaska car came out in 1959.  Do you know why?

The 6464-825 ALASKA boxcar has always been in shorter supply and has always commanded a hefty price.  I purchased mine as a part of the “Collectors Edition” of the Alaska set.  Lionel packaged the #614 Alaska Switcher with the Alaska gondola and caboose and two other cars in their cataloged set.  Collectors switched those other two cars for the Alaska hopper and 6464 boxcar to create a total Alaska set.  Looks better, worth more.

The very “rare” White lettered Alaska.

If you see the 6464-825 with WHITE lettering you know you’re looking at a FAKE.  But, it is a conversation piece and I like it.

The common 6464-900 NYC.

AND FINALLY the last boxcar in the series is the 6464-900 NYC.  It normally comes with matching GREEN doors but the BLACK door version did come in one or more sets.

Lionel may have run out of Green doors and substituted Black ones?

Different doors do make for collectable variations in several 6464 cars (Rutland, State of Maine etc.)  The 6464-900 NYC is another one.

The final grouping of “my” 6464 boxcars.

These final 10 boxcars complete this series on collecting 6464 boxcars.  Not intended to be the last word in collecting but rather a look at what happened my way over the past 37 years.

Happy Collecting to Everyone!