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A Personal Guide to Collecting Postwar 6464 Boxcars – Part 6

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By Mike Stella

The 6464-475 comes in many variations.  Here we see Blue, Aqua, and Purple.

Well past the half way point I need to continue with the 6464-475 B&M with two additional variations, one in an AQUA shade and the other considered to be the Dark Purple version.

The Aqua color may actually be a sun faded regular Blue version but I must say mine is evenly colored BOTH inside and out.  The darkest version really stands out next to all the lighter Blue versions.  A nice variation to have.

The most common 6464-500 Timken.

Next up is the 6464-500 TIMKEN.  I have heard the very first ones produced came with Timken trucks but I have never seen one.  As with other 6464 boxcars, the later version came without a “BLT Date”.  I like to find painted versions of 6464s and the Timken supplies another one.

No “BLT Date” on top, PAINTED gray mold in middle, and common version on bottom.

Did anybody remember that 2007 marks 50 YEARS since Lionel introduced the “Lady Lionel” train set more often referred to as the “Girl’s Train”?

The 6464-510 “Girl’s” version of the NYC in blue .

The 6464-510 is the first pastel colored boxcar while the 6464-515 is the second one.

The 6464-515 “Girl’s” version of the MKT in yellow.

I don’t think a week passes that you can’t find several of either car on the Internet.  Lionel must have made thousands of sets and a huge percentage of them have been broken up over the past 50 years and individual cars are very easy to obtain.  Expensive but easy!

The good looking, easy to get 6464-525 M&St.L.

The final 6464 boxcar in Part Six is the easy to find 6464-525 M&St.L  It came is many sets both “O” and 0-27.  A great looking boxcar, easy to obtain, and not at all expensive.

Metal Trucks and Plastic Trucks but is this a variation?

When I came across a second M&St.L boxcar, I noticed it had the later plastic trucks.  I searched in vain for another difference like a change in BLT info, rivet pattern, mold color, ANYTHING!  But I couldn’t find anything and then it dawned on me.  This is the first 6464 boxcar (maybe the only one?) that comes with metal trucks and later plastic trucks WITHOUT and visible change in the car itself.  This certainly makes it worth having both versions.

Nine more 6464 boxcars with five different numbers.

As we conclude Part Six I am looking forward to reaching the final boxcars in the postwar series.

BUT were there only 29?