model train set on track

The wires have been strung!

e*Train Issue: Nov 2008   |   Posted in:

By Mike Stella

I work kinda slowly on my Lionel Lines (the largest Lionel railroad on my block!), and sometimes years go by with little getting accomplished.

The NMRA is holding their 2008 National Convention just down the road in July and I thought it would be a great opportunity to host an Open House and share the fun of Lionel Trains.

A number of projects were immediately compiled and work commenced over the holidays.  I can tell you I have since reduced that number of projects by about half!

Replacement of tight switches in two areas has been completed and both are shown in an article I sent to our Editor a few months ago.

Now, the overhead catenary has been installed in both areas and I took a few pictures of the “completed” tracks.  Makes me wish there were more conventions around here.

I’d have finished Lionel Lines (the largest Lionel railroad on my block).

Overhead wires have now been installed over six tracks.
Lionel pantographs will soon be reaching for the wires to draw power for their motors.