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By Mike Stella

You would think with a 20 x 56 foot table as the primary real estate for Lionel Lines (The Largest Lionel Railroad on my Block), that there would be room for everything a person could desire to display and operate.

WRONG!!!  I ran out of plywood plots years ago and it has forced me to pass on many of the newest Lionel accessories that I would enjoy having.  I am still looking for a place to put that Balloon Ride.  The Steam Clean and Wheel Grind shop, however, will have to remain in the box until I can build my BIG Lionel layout?

But in making preparations for the upcoming NMRA convention and a few bus loads of visitors, I needed to cover up one small area of plywood at the far end of Loop Canyon.

My friend Greg gave me a NOMA Station because I have always admired the great looks, the talking mechanism, and the bright color scheme.  (He has a Red and a Green Roof version)  There was never a place I could find on Lionel Lines (The Largest Lionel Railroad on my Block) to locate the NOMA Station that wasn’t right next to another station so it has sat under the table for the past several years.

I was working on the north side of Railroad Canyon when it dawned on me that there was a tiny area on the south side of the canyon that might be the perfect place to locate the new town of NOMA(something).

A few additional small Lionel accessories could also be located here to really cram the area!

The pictures show the “before” and almost the completed “after” views of NOMA.  A few additional things have since been done.  People added on the Platform, a few trees planted, and a few very small areas of grass growing.  Oh …the talking mechanism isn’t quite the way the original was intended.  The train announcements have been replaced with a few “ADULTS ONLY!” sayings that cannot be repeated here.

NOMA adds another town to the vast countryside along Lionel Lines.

Happy Collecting AND Operating and be careful when you push some of those operating buttons …you never know what you might hear!

Looking Westbound at vast 8″ by 25″ empty real estate!
Eastbound and Portal to Loop Tunnel at the end of Loop Canyon
NOMA Station located between a Rock and a Hard Place!
Room for a #154 signal, a #153 signal, and a #1045 Flagman in Nomaville