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RS3 to RS4: To Create a Different Milwaukee Road Switcher

e*Train Issue: Nov 2008   |   Posted in:

By Mike Stella

Being the World’s Greatest Lionel Collector and the World’s Biggest Milwaukee Road Fan, I sometimes “create” things that the Lionel factory could have done but chose not to.

Taking a #18833 Milwaukee Road RS3 from 1994, I swapped the running gear with a Seaboard RS4, and came up with a new Milwaukee Road RS4 locomotive that runs in tandem with another RS3.

Of course, I also ended up with a Seaboard RS3 on B-B trucks that now has joined my vast collection of new era diesels.  This new combination of road units would look great on a branch line if I had a branch line?

Lionel Lines (The Largest Lionel Railroad on my Block) has a 6 scale mile long Main Line and the planned Branch Line enters a tunnel but never comes out.  I will say you can “hide” a 50 car coal train in that tunnel!  It is located under “hallow mountain” named for obvious reasons.

I think it would be great if a few TCA members sent in pictures and a story about some things they have “created” for their railroads.

Until then, Happy Collecting, Operating, and Kitbashing.

Hard to see BUT one loco has B-B trucks while second loco has C-C trucks.