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It’s Not All Lionel “O” Gauge

e*Train Issue: Aug 2007   |   Posted in: ,

By Mike Stella

There are many different styles of train meets across this country and throughout the world.  Not every meet can be a York and I’ve found that smaller meets, even very small meets, can be exciting and lots of fun.

A few miles from my house at a local VFW post, an HO club is rebuilding its layout and continues to sponsor a bi-annual parking lot swap meet.  It is only 10 minutes away.  The Union Pacific mainline from Los Angeles to all points east runs across the street and lots of trains roll by on a Saturday morning.  There are always bargains galore in “HO” and “N” and even toy trains can be found in “O” and “S” and there’s “G” as well.

I try to make every meet and I always find something to bring home.  This past meet, we had Larry, Darryl & Darryl with their “Anything for a buck” sale and the crowd gathered quickly to spot any treasures.  I grabbed two homemade HO locomotives that seemed full of character and couldn’t pass up for only $1.00  This terrific looking little 0-6-0 has found a happy home in my HO display case alongside HO items from Gilbert, Revell, Lionel, Marx, Varney and Tyco.

You can’t find much for a buck anymore.  I think this little 0-6-0 was a real bargain.
There was a time long ago when most trains were scratch built. That was a HOBBY!