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Is This the Most Expensive “Pipe Car” Ever?

e*Train Issue: Aug 2007   |   Posted in: ,

By Mike Stella

After thirty years of living in the same house, it was time to address the lack of water pressure in the sprinklers, the slow pace of filling the bath tub, and the inability to “flush” when the dishwasher was running.

A complete re-pipe was called for which included a new line from the meter, new drains to the sewer, and new copper pipes throughout the house.

A few pieces of leftover copper pipe were obtained and cut to approximately nine inches in length.  Mounted on a spare Lionel flatcar, this true-to-life pipe car load is a constant reminder of the completed re-pipe job and the terrific improvement of water pressure throughout.

It also has to be the most expensive load I’ve ever put on a flatcar.  About $300 per inch I’d guess!

Real copper pipe makes a very real looking load on a Lionel flatcar