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Mickey has a Black Nose!

e*Train Issue: Aug 2007   |   Posted in: ,

By Mike Stella

I collect boxcars.  I collect Disney.  Any Disney boxcar is a double treat.  This operating Mickey Mouse boxcar came out for Christmas a few years back and my guess is it wasn’t well received because in a very short time distributors were “blowing them out” on special sales and the low price prompted me to order a half dozen for my friend’s train store.

I kept one for myself of course, and when I opened it I noticed Mickey had a big white spot on his nose!

I live close to Disneyland.  My son works at Disneyland.  We visit Disneyland many times each year and I have NEVER seen any Mickey Mouse with a white nose!

I looked at all six Lionel cars I had ordered and only one had an all BLACK nose.  I think it would benefit the Lionel Company to treat a few folks to a visit to Hong Kong Disneyland before they do any future Mickey Mouse items.  They would surely learn that Mickey has a BLACK NOSE!  I wonder how many correct boxcars were produced?

Mickey with a white nose.
Mickey with a correct all-black nose.
All black on top, white on the bottom.