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My Boat Car is Bigger than Your Boat Car

e*Train Issue: Aug 2007   |   Posted in: ,

By EWI Michael Stella, USN

Well, actually, my boat car is a standard length Lionel flatcar.  But, the boat is a bit larger then the style used in postwar Lionel Land.  My flatcar carries a model of the USS Missouri, albeit a bit smaller scale then one in forty-eight!  We all know that Lionel took many liberties (a favorite USN term) with scale proportions.  Just consider the long-lived gateman.  A very big man that everyone loves.  So why not a very small boat?

For certain I always get a few questions from visitors to Lionel Lines (the largest Lionel railroad on my block) about this “one-of-a-kind” boat car.

Possibly the most famous ship in the U.S. Navy history
and a question on “Final Jeopardy”