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How to SELL Collectibles on EBAY VIDEO

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by Bradley Kaplan

Like it or not, eBay has changed the toy train market for ever. It allows collectors to sell their trains for top dollar as well as allowing the same collector to find the trains for sale they thought they may never find.

Pieces that many people have though are rare have ended up being plentiful on eBay.

Terry Gibbs has created a full time job for himself buying trains and other collectables and selling them on eBay.

Obviously, since Terry is making a living off of eBay, like any business person he has figured out the formula to give himself the largest return on his investments. The average person may think that selling a piece on eBay is very easy. While watching this video, you will quickly realize selling on eBay is easy, but to maximize the price you will get for your items you need to know the “Tricks of the Trade”

There is no crazy “get rich quick” technique that Terry teaches. Terry believes that the more information that potential buyers have the more likely they are to bid on his auctions. He reviews multiple auctions on eBay and shows what works and does not work on other people’s auctions.

Terry gives advice such as how to create a user friendly auction page, how to take the best possible pictures to entice your potential customers and techniques to reduce eBay’s fees.

This video gives a step by step description of how Terry sells on eBay. You’ll follow along as he researches on eBay to find the right category to list in, discovers what makes some items sell for more and what is important to include in the description. Continue watching as Terry takes and edits the pictures, moves them up to the web and starts the auction.

I have been selling on eBay for 2 years, and I learned new techniques from the video. For instance, I never knew that eBay has a free program called “Mr. Lister” that allows you to create auctions “offline” and then bulk upload them onto eBay. This seems like a great time saver. Now, I can make up my auctions in my own time then list them all together. This way I get buyers looking at more of my auctions. Also, with Mr. Lister, I don’t have to go through the hassle of entering all kinds of information across many web pages, I can just write the description enter the starting price and click next. The free program does everything else for me.

After Terry shows you how to list the pieces on eBay he shows his shipping techniques. Terry feels very strongly about how the items are shipped to his customers for his protection as well as to encourage repeat customers. Every step of the transaction is important because making the buyer comfortable and removing any possibility for complaint is essential to

The video was created to cover all the bases. First, Terry compiled the kinds of important questions that you would want answered. Then he gave them to a lady to study and ask of him on the video. So basically you get to hear the essential questions and answers to make the whole process of selling better a snap!

Also you get to see step by step how to do important things like add pictures to your listings, use file transfer programs to host your own pictures and how to interact with buyers to make them more comfortable with you.

The video assumes a small general knowledge of eBay. It is geared towards the user that has been buying on eBay and is ready to start selling. Although Terry sells mostly trains and toys the techniques he teaches will work for any item that you would want to sell on eBay.

Along with the video, buyers receive a handy 16 page booklet that summarizes the video, and an easy to read cheat sheet that shows the various HTML codes that you can use to spice up your auction.

The video is $29.97 and $4.50 for shipping and handling, a total of $34.47. This video is well worth the money. Terry’s techniques will quickly provide increased profits on your sales and allow you to recoup the low cost of his video.

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