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Going, Going, Gondolas – Part IV

e*Train Issue: Oct 2002   |   Posted in:

by Mike Stella (Click here to read Pt III)

Lionel used the shorty gondolas in the cheaper 0-27 line and kept the longer style in production to use in the “O” and Super”O” line. In this final Part IV we look at the 11 1/2″ NYC gondolas that appeared after the glorious 1950s.

The Yellow Alaska #6162 was shown in Part II. Now let’s look at a few other #6162s, one of which is very hard to find; almost a legitimate “RARE.”

The blue #6162 is easy to find but the true collector will search for at least three different color variations. It comes with, and without, the built-date.

In addition, the #6162 was produced in an aqua shade that many might assume is simply a regular blue car that has seen too much sun. Finally, the #6162 can be found in red, but you have to look very hard to find one. It is, possibly, the only Lionel gondola that can be called “rare.”

I must digress back to 1957 for the next gondola. It was the well-known year when Lionel Super “O” was introduced and girls were treated to a pastel train. The #6462 pink gondola adds a whimsical touch to the collection. There is no shortage of these cars on the market; the trick is to obtain one by itself.

The final gondolas in this series changed numbers once again to #6562. These are premium pieces and often overlooked hiding among the more numerous #6462s. They come in gray with red letters and gray with maroon letters.

The #6562 was also produced in red and, once in a while, in black. This final black NYC gondola can be hard to find, but it is not at all rare.

I mentioned the #6342 Culvert gondola in Part II. The second “operating” gondola made by Lionel is the #3444 ERIE with a Railroad Cop that chases a Hobo around and around. This is one Lionel operating car that seems to work effortlessly time after time. Those “vibrator” motors weren’t all bad!

In the Epilogue to follow, I will reveal the one gondola that belongs in this series and which I forgot to take a photograph. I will also discuss the operating barrel cars #3562-xx which, when you think about it, are also gondolas. Anybody have a WHITE one?

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