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Voting and More

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TCA National Election Underway

During the month of March, members are encouraged to cast their ballots in TCA’s National Election.

Several national offices are up for election:

  • President-Elect
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

In addition, several Bylaw amendments require approval to take effect. One in particular will enable a new member dues structure which can save you money by paying for 3 or 5 year memberships, and even more by agreeing to rely on electronic publications and utilizing online methods instead of costly US Mail. Current memberships will remain available too.

As seen above, there are two ways to vote, and you can only utilize the method your record allows:

By Paper. Copies of the printed ballot were included in the March National Headquarters News. In case you didn’t receive it, click here to print one out. It has to be returned by US Mail. If you never opted for online voting in your profile, you use the paper method.

By Online Ballot. If you opted in to Online Voting in your TCA profile, you will have just received a special email that provides a link to vote quickly online. You must use that method.

Remember, you can cast only one ballot, and it has to be by the method you previously selected. Since this profile choice is frozen and not visible during the election, if you are not sure, write to [email protected].

Learn About 3D Printing of Toy Train Components

TCA’s TTML discussion group has been hosting Zoom discussions, focused on special topics in which experts can explain techniques and answer questions.

Recently the group hosted a presentation on the use of new 3D printers to create toy train parts. It’s fascinating! Learn how it works!

The video is available on the tcamembers website. There you can also learn how to join in with the online discussions. 

Want to Share Some Good Ideas?

With so many of us confined to our home locations, we bet some of you have been doing some great things with your layouts and collections. Maybe something you learned, or an experience you’d like to share? Perhaps you’ve had a chance to document some information that others would love to know?

With the Spring e*Train now looming, if you want to share these experiences, now’s the time! Just contact editor Carol McGinnis, and we’ll work out how to get your ideas shared!

Tour of Chattanooga Offered

Through special arrangements, TCA members are invited to participate in a great Fall experience: a 6-day tour of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Railway themed!

We are pleased to highlight two ads from the National Headquarters News:

Pacific Northwest Division – 2021 Club Car Suite.

Eastern Division – Fall 2021 York Event and carry-forward of spring registration

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