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Winter 2022 TCA e*Train 

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Vol.21 No.1

There has been a lot of activity in and around the TCA over the past few months.  While some venues remain closed, others have been opened.  York, under the auspices of the Eastern Division, opened its doors in October to over 9,800 individuals both TCA and the Public.  Meetings were held and trains were traded and sold.

The enjoyment encompassed in our hobby continues to grow.  Children are enthralled and adults are mesmerized.  Burn the midnight oil and read through each and every word, or just sit back and read a single story.  

Find out more about Bing, Toonerville, Repurposing, the National Christmas Tree, Getting into Toy Trains, Ore Cars, Window Display Cars, Towers, and one more!  Check out what’s been happening in your train world!

Bing’s Working Live Steam

By Tyler Keck (NTTL Library Assistant) and Russ McFall (TCA 98-47746)

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Lots to Hear

By Carol R. McGinnis, TCA# HE95-41066

How I Got In To Toy Trains, Part 1

By Frank Martin Ventura, TCA #17-72816

Fontaine Fox and Two Toonerville Trolleys

By John S. Halajko TCA 84-20653, Carl Condon TCA 88-28294, and Leon B. Duminiak TCA 02-54067

How Lionel Repurposing ♫”Bring in the Clones“♫ – #520 Boxcab

updated Winter 2022    By Bob Mintz, TCA #92-35064

Lionel Control Towers

updated Winter 2022   By Bill Meyer, TCA #70-2993  and Bob Mintz, TCA #92-35064

More “Ore !” Lionel® Adds to Its Roster of Catalogued and Uncatalogued Ore Cars

updated Winter 2022   By Joel Fugazzotto, TCA# 84-20874.  Updated by Bob Mintz, TCA #92-35064

National Christmas Tree Railroad and The End of an Era

by Clem Clement, TCA# 64-987 (Honor Roll)

Window Display and Animated Window Display Cars

Updated Winter 2022   By Bob Mintz, TCA #92-35064