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By Carol R. McGinnis, HE95-41066

Winter UpDate 2022 (Seventh Edition)

Updating brings us to the seventh edition of the TCA Division and Chapter newsletter links.  There are good things to report from every area and, best of all, there is a beginning of in-person train meets.  It has been a long time coming!

With this document you can find out what’s happening across the country.  Use this as you travel and as a jumping off point when you talk with other collectors across the country.

Below are links to the most publicly available newsletters, as of December, 2021.  If you click on the BLUE underlined information, it will link you to the newsletter.  You may download, print, and use any of these newsletters for your personal use.

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Atlantic Division                              Edition: Spring, 2021

Atlantic Division Newsletter

Desert Division                                         Edition: Summer, 2021

Desert Division Newsletter

Dixie Division                                 

Dixie Division

Dixie Division is still looking for a Newsletter Editor.  Contact President Bob at [email protected].

Dixie Division ~ Music City Chapter                 Edition:  Spring, 2021

Music City Chapter Newsletter

Eastern Division                                                 Edition: October, 2021

Eastern Division York Meet Notice (Newsletter)

 Eastern Division ~ WB&A Chapter                  Edition:

The Trolley  (WB&A Newsletter)

Lone Star Division                                              Edition:

Lone Star Division Newsletter

METCA (MEtropolitan  Division)                       Edition:

 (METCA Waybill is available for METCA members)

Go here to see previous issues: 

NETCA (New England Division )                        Edition: November, 2021

NETCA Newsletter

Southern Division                                              Edition: Spring 2021

The Layout (Southern Division Newsletter)

Western Division                                                Edition: Nov/Dec 2021

Western Division Newsletter