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Ron Morris – TCA volunteer

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By Jim Potts,64-1063  – TCA National  President-elect      Winter 2020

TCA is all about toy trains, but it is also very much about its members. All are valued, but we especially give notice to those who have extended their efforts to help the hobby, fellow members, and the organization. A number of these are recognized by plaques and notations in the National Toy Train Museum, and especially in the National Toy Train Library, which bears the responsibility for maintaining the archives and records of the Association, and where TCA’s heritage is of special focus.

Jim Potts also serves as Chair of the National Toy Train Library Committee.

Some of the recognitions of special members are seen at the end of this article. One very special member, who excelled in building the Library to its current worldwide status, who initiated the TTML, and who served as Library Chair and TCA Historian, is Ron Morris, TCA #70-3178.

If there ever was a truly passionate toy train aficionado it was Ron Morris.  I doubt whether he ever met a toy train or a toy train accessory he didn’t like. 

A couple of years ago at a TCA National Convention I came across Ron admiring a beautiful boxed Lionel villa/bungalow accessory set on a gentleman’s table in the trading pits. Ron, by then in his late 80’s was as excited as a little kid in a toy store a couple of days before Christmas morning, He just had to have this set for his collection however there was a problem. The set was tagged at around $500 and Ron didn’t have enough money with him to pay for the set.

As luck would have it a mutual friend of ours came along and offered to loan Ron the cash until we got back home.  With the loan in-hand, Ron completed the purchase and became as happy as a little boy opening his presents on Christmas morning. 

Ron’s love of toy trains enabled him to somehow manage to collect toy trains, build beautiful reproductions of Lionel landscape plots and investigate, research, catalog and write articles about all these objects of his admiration.

Ron Morris

We have been blessed to have Ron join TCA and begin volunteering just at the time we were beginning to build our world class National Toy Train Library collections. Seen below are several special items in the Library.

Ron spearheaded the group of library volunteers over many years and put in an enormous number of volunteer hours himself. He is a fine example of the many giving TCA volunteers who continue to be the backbone of our association.

Among the Library’s Special Holdings on TCA History

Typewriter used by Lou Redman, “Mr. TCA,” to produce years of the TCA newsletters.
First TCA Board of Directors meeting at Ed Alexander’s barn in Yardley, PA. October 16, 1954.