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By Dr J’oemies Lechner

Hey there! Need some little people to liven up your toy train layout? Tired of paying up to $5 apiece for those die-cast metal figures? Try O’Mies™, the new collectible plastic action figurines from O’Shop LLC. These are highly detailed, poseable figures that are specifically designed for playing with trains. Don’t confuse them with HO’Mies™, which are smaller. O’Shop LLC has just announced a TCA Series of O’Mies™, which is being manufactured exclusively for members of the Train Collectors Association.
Start your collection today! TCA O’Mies™ are faithful miniatures of actual train collectors. Just perfect for posing with your brand new CSX Dash-2 diesel from Lionel LLC. Everyone wants a Paul Wassermann O’Mie™, inspired by the current President of the TCA. He’s in great physical shape! You can pose him standing, sitting, or kneeling to inspect the handrails on your new locomotive.
Next, add a Gordon Wilson O’Mie™, modeled after the former TCA president and current chairman of the Internet Committee. He’s not quite as flexible as the Wassermann O’Mie™, partly due to a run-in with a Phillies action figure in 2003, but also ‘cause he’s very fond of Maple d’O’Nut™ edible miniatures. Get him while you can! Toy trains that were named after Gordon Wilson have sold on eBay for a hundred dollars or more! Our Gordon Wilson O’Mie™ is a bargain at $5.95 plus shipping.
What collection would be complete without a Bob Mintz O’Mie™, based on the well-known accountant, Long Island RR commuter, and online magazine editor.
These are only the beginning! Keep watching this site for future releases in the TCA O’Mies™ series. A special York set is scheduled for October 2004 release, including the Clem Clement O’Mie™ with removable bullhorn; the Singing Ron Morris O’Mie™ (batteries for sound system are optional); and, for a limited time only, the Mike Wolf O’Mie™ with permanently attached DCS handheld.
For devotees of man’s best friend, in spring of 2005 O’Shop LLC will offer exquisitely crafted miniature pets. What is the train collector’s favorite dog breed? Of course, the Yor’Kie™, which comes complete with collar, leash and bowl. Are you more of a cat person? O’Shop LLC brings you the most famous railway cat of all time, Ches’Sie™, with blanket and pillow sold separately.
Just in time for the holidays, reserve your Chip Miller O’Mie™ with remote controlled smoke pellet tester; your Cowboy Johnny Joe O’Mie™ with saddle and ten gallon hat; and the piece d’ resistànce of any collection, the Barb Jones O’Mie™ which will be paired with an MTH caboose for the amazingly low combo price of $59.95. Don’t wait and be disappointed; reserve these at your local O’Shop LLC dealer today.