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Grandpa’s Lionel Attic Find

e*Train Issue: May 2004   |   Posted in:

As told by Mike Stella

‘Twas the day past St. Patty’s Day in 2004
when a small elderly man came fast through the door.

Eager and cheerful he said with a smile,
I’ve had all these trains for quite a long while.

My son doesn’t want them so I want to sell,
we’ve had then for years, they all say LIONEL!

You can’t have just some but must take the bunch,
” I’ll be happy to look. I’ll come over this lunch.”

I jotted down numbers, came up with a price,
nothing exceptional, but all very nice.

I gave him my bid for one piece and all,
he wanted to think. He said he would call.

I’ve been here before, won some and lost,
I started to think I don’t need the cost.

Santa Fe diesels and more die-cast steam,
did I really need more? I started to dream.

He won’t call. I was probably too bold,
then the cell rang and I heard him say SOLD!