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National Lionel Train Day “Carry on the Joy”

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By Bob Mintz, TCA#  92-35064         Fall e*Train, 2023

Lionel has made many series in the Modern Era.  I can name the following:

1)Famous Name Collector

2)Billboard Reefer

3)Standard “O”

4)Billboard Hopper

5)Spirit of 76 Boxcar

6)Tobacco Railroad

7)Hi-Cube Boxcar

8)Soda Pop Boxcar

9)Mickey Mouse

10)JLC 100th Anniversary

11)Big League Cars

12)Fast Food Freight

13)Turn of the Century

14)Woodside Reefers

15)Famous American Railroad

16)Favorite Spirits

17)Fallen Flags

18)Famous Inventors

19)Service Station Sets

20)9464 Boxcars

21)I Love

22)Famous American Railroads

23)Toy Fair

Other than the Toy Fair Series, future articles are down the pike.

Helping to kick off the 2015 holiday season and in celebration of their 115th anniversary Lionel partnered with over 130 local hobby shops nationwide to celebrate the first annual National Lionel Train Day (NLTD) on December 5, 2015.

Celebrating the magic of Lionel Trains, a non-catalogued item was issued on that 1st Saturday in December to be followed in subsequent years different issues going forward.

The spirit behind the National Lionel Train Day was to help coordinate one single day/event for train fans all over the country to celebrate the Magic of Lionel and stop in at a local dealer in their area. Lionel wanted to harness the power of the Brand Voice to drive traffic in-store to dealers while also offering a unique non-catalogued boxcar that could only be purchased by a participating dealer. The program has resulted in over 100+ Accounts participating each year!

The special NLTD event takes lots of upfront planning, starting in May of that year, so Lionel knows what dealers all over the US will be participating as well as their orders for the exclusive boxcar. It has become a cherished event amongst some of our largest dealers driving repeat visitors to their store for the boxcar and other Lionel items.

83497 (2015) Side “A”

83497 (2015) Side “B”

83498 (2016)

84621 (2017)

1838010 (2018) Side “A”

1838010 (2018) Side “B”

1938350 (2019) Side “A”

1938350 (2019) Side “B”

2028620 (2020) Side “A”

2028620 (2020) Side “B”

2128370 (2021) Side “A”

2128370 (2021) Side “B”

2228520 (2022) Side “A”

2228520 (2022) Side “B”

2328530 (2023) Side “A”

2328530 (2023) Side “B”