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My Favorite Locomotive

e*Train Issue: Oct 2008   |   Posted in: ,

By Mike Stella

The Prewar 225E 2-6-2 in both Gray and Black

I think the 225E is the best proportioned toy steam locomotive ever made

Every collector has a favorite style Lionel locomotive.  For many it is a scale size 773 or maybe the 700E.  Others would choose the N&W #746 or even a diesel like the scale size FMs in Virginian or Lackawanna.

For me, it is the smaller size Prewar 225E.  There is something very appealing about that boiler and the feedwater heater in the front.  The heavy die-cast tender adds to the massive feel of the pair.  I think I have about eight of these locomotives in my collection.  One even has the later number boards missing the “E” after the #225.  I had always hoped to acquire a gray version with the matching gray die-cast tender and finally was able to do so in early 2008.  I don’t need any more for the shelves but couldn’t resist a complete boxed set that popped up on the Internet a month ago.  In a weak moment, I kept the bidding going to a bit more then I wanted to spend,. but what they heck.

When it is your very best favorite locomotive you can’t have too many!   Happy collecting be it Prewar or Postwar or even New Era.