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Girard; Oak Park; Girard; Oak Park; Girard–Down by the Station with Marx

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By Mike Stella

Every toy train layout has to have a station or two, and Marx made a very nice one with whistle or horn, in red or yellow; with solid windows or with internal lights.

The size is perfect and these stations fit in places where a larger Lionel #132 might not.  On Lionel Lines (The Largest Lionel Railroad on my Block), I have managed to find two places where the Marx stations fit right in.

I opted to use the versions with internal lights, as they look a bit better in daylight and a lot better at night!  These tinplate buildings do not have all the detail of plastic stations made by Lionel, but they add to the toy train flavor of my railroad and I wouldn’t want to change them out.  Don’t overlook the terrific accessories made by Marx when building your toy train empire.  They always seem to work, are easy to find, and usually sell for a lot less then items made by other manufacturers.

MARX…I like ’em.

The very common Marx Girard station with whistle
Less common is the Oak Park station with horn
Better but harder to find is the Girard with whistle and light
The Oak Park also has a variation with internal light
Later version of Girard lacking some “brick” detail but NEW in O/B!