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Member Christmas Layouts

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By Carol R. McGinnis, HE 95-41066 Winter 2018

This holiday season is celebrated across the world in many different ways. Often there is a layout, sometimes for a few weeks, sometimes for a few months, and even sometimes all year long! 

We asked TCA members to share their layouts and we were not disappointed.  Enjoy these treasures and hooliday greetings!

Grew up in Connecticut! Now live in Spencerport, New York (Rochester)
Frank Nichols, 585 349-1022, TCA # 11-66331:

Christmas under the tree 2016
With New Haven Passenger units and New Haven Diesel freight (all TMCC)
With a Culvert loader & unloader (a Christmas Gift from the 50’s)

Merry Christmas!
Joe Zarnowski (09-63919), New Tripoli, Pa:

A standard gauge MTH 384 locomotive pulls some boxcars and reefers filled with holiday goodies around our Christmas tree from 2015
A standard gauge MTH 408E runs on my layout. This engine was restored after being in a fire
A standard gauge MTH 384 locomotive pulls a Christmas train around our antique aluminum Christmas tree from 2010

 Best regards,  Bill Fuller, TCA #87-26705:

The locomotive of Lionel’s North Pole Central passes a carriage en route to the Christmas season. The horse doesn’t seem to mind his iron cousin at all.
Holiday travelers prepare to board a coach on the Hogwarts Express. They’ll find the on-board trolley overflowing with holiday goodies to please every sweet-loving palate.
A young lady and her puppy, both brimming with holiday excitement and fresh off the Polar Express observation car, leap down platform steps into the arms of a beaming grandmother.

Jim Koryta, TCA 15-71563, Bloomington, Indiana:

This was in 2013, back before I finished (as much as one ever does) the layout
Tunnel and town
Lights in the town

These are Christmas displays I put on my normal layout.

These are shots of my imaginary town from the 1950s or 1960s
GG1 coming around the curve

George Orosz, #HE81-17167::

These are two photos of the Orosz family 2016 Christmas layout.  A simple double loop on a 5’x9′ homasote board. My first train, Lionel N&W 746 is in the background. A mix of Lionel, MTH and Dickens Village covers the board.

Cal Keeney, 69-2640, 410-746-6136:
You can see the trains running (video) at Cal Train by Cal Keeney!

Here are a few still pictures of the Christmas Garden
The interesting feature is that there are 10 trains
Each one follows the other over a maze of 500′ of track
It is up all year long in Queenstown, Maryland
Each is around 16 feet in length
And this includes an upper and a lower level