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LEGO® Bricks and Lionel® Trains, Part 2, LEGO® Bricks Meets Lionelville®

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By John S. Halajko, TCA 84-20653, and Jay Stuhl, TCA 70 3009                                                                  Spring 2020

One of the best combinations of LEGO® Bricks meeting Lionelville® is in Jay’s basement. He finally cleared out enough stuff to set up a LEGO® City with his collection of Lionel accessories as you can see in the photos which follow.

Not too much traffic right now, but just wait until rush hour! 
A trolley makes its run.

Jay’s years of collecting produced this neat scene. Lots of different buildings have been offered by the LEGO Group over the years.

City Hall looks busy!
LEGO buildings are the prefect size for O-Gauge Trains.
Scenes change from place to place.
People even get married!
This LEGO Series comes with detailed interiors.
Car repairs take time!
This cook is hard at work in the kitchen.
Even the vet is busy!

The corner gas station serves all who come over. Once assembled you can’t see the interiors. They do come apart for interior viewing. Maybe someone will devise a way to get a miniature camera in to view the interiors. Alas, you need a way to get the camera inside the room, which was not in the original planning.

Trackside food stands are available.
HO gauge was the first series of Lego buildings.

The LEGO Group started their city building series off in about HO size and then decided to make it larger to allow the LEGO guys to be used. Above are Jay’s first vintage Lego city buildings.

Now what are the LEGO Guys doing at Lionelville? Let’s see:

They run freight operations.
They travel in trams.
They sweep out boxcars.
And they supervise sawmill operations.
They unload barrels.
They maintain equipment.
And at the Icing station work happens all day long!

Maybe more Lego guys will come into these pictures soon?

So now it is time for the challenge! Build your layout. Include trains, building block buildings and building block figures. Take pictures. Submit three of the best pictures to Trainscaping with Construction Blocks 2020. See the details below.


  • Send entry to [email protected].
  • A maximum of three (3) photographs of your layout will be accepted. Photo format must be able to be read by most browsers. Contest recommends using .jpg file format. No videos please.
  • Entry must be emailed no later than 11:59 p.m. EDT on January 31, 2020.
  • Two winners will be selected. One from TCA Kids Club and one from TCA Teens Club.
  • Your eligibility will be verified against your member information on file. 
  • Prizes will be provided by Coaster Dynamics
  • eMail entry must contain youth’s name, TCA Kids Club member number (under 13) or TCA Teens (age 13–18) member number and youth’s T-shirt size.  (See the TCA website to join TCA Kids Club or TCA Teens Club at
  • Only one entry per youth member will be accepted.
  • Entry layouts may use any and all gauges and manufacturers of toy trains, any and all building blocks buildings and figures, including the big-name brands and their “clones,” and anything else you wish to enhance your layout. 
  • All entries become the property of the TCA and may be used in future publications. 

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