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Updates to Lionel Vat Cars 2010 to Present

By Joel Fugazzotto, 84-20874

Updated Spring 2017 by Bob Mintz

As mentioned in the previous update, Lionel had in production, but had not yet released, two additional vat cars for 2010, the Reese’s® Vat Car and the LRRC 50th Anniversary Vat Car.  The 39488 Reese’s car was the first vat car designed with a billboard straddling the center post and the 50th Anniversary car was the second PWC vat car issued by the LRRC.  The 39484 Cocoa Marsh® Vat Car was catalogued and produced earlier in the year.

Lionel manufactured only one vat car for 2011, the Coca-Cola® Vat Car as an add-on car to the 30166 Coca-Cola Vintage Steam set.

2012 is seeing the release of three more vat cars: the catalogued Hershey’s® Cocoa and Heinz® vat cars and the un-catalogued Entenmann’s® Vat Car produced by Lionel for the Long Island Toy Train Locomotive Engineers (LITTLE)®, the club’s first car.

(Please see the other articles in this series by Jon Bonds and Joel Fugazzotto listed at left for full listings.)

39488 Reese’s® Vat Car, brown and orange with yellow Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup logo on orange billboard, vats dark and light brown vertical stripes, die-cast sprung trucks.
39496 Lionel Railroader Club (LRRC) 6475-10 50th Anniversary Vat Car, gray and green, vats yellow/red “Pickles,” thick black hoops, thin staves, rear of vats show no “pickles,” die-cast sprung trucks.
26660 Coca-Cola® Vat Car, red and yellow, vats red/white Coca-Cola logo, die-cast sprung trucks.
26686 Hershey’s® Cocoa Vat Car, silver and brown, vats brown/silver lettering, die-cast sprung trucks painted brown.
26676 Heinz@ Vat Car, brown and cream, two vats light blue/Heinz Baked Beans logo, two vats light blue/picture of boy running, die-cast sprung trucks.
58520 Long Island Toy Train Locomotive Engineers (LITTLE)® Entenmann’s® Vat Car, light blue, vats white/black lettering/blue Entenmann’s logo, thick blue hoops, thin staves, die-cast sprung trucks.
26496 Lionelville Aquarium Co. Fish Food Vat Car
25958 Gingerbread Dough Vat Car
81437 York Peppermint Patty Vat Car
82741 Christmas Tinsel Vat Car
83312 Santa’s Cookies Vat Car
81018 Shell Vat Car
84483 John Deere Grain Vat Car