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How come they never made that?

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By Bob Mintz

One of the most asked about pieces in the 1997 Classic catalogue was never made, up until now. In fact, at the time, it was not just that it was “not manufactured”, it was never intended for sale.

The railroads serving coastal posts owned and operated great maritime fleets of ferries, tugboats and barges to move freight and people.

#14180 B&O RR tugboat and # 14172 NYC RR tugboat are now available at a Lionel dealer near you.

Can carfloats and aprons also be available in the foreseeable future? Stay tuned.

The 1954 catalogue, in the lower left corner, showed the new 6464-100 WP boxcar. Only problem, as many of us know, that the usual version (a) of this car was a silver body with a yellow feather.

In all, there are four different variations of this car. Version (b) is the most usual albeit rather expensive variation, an orange body with a blue feather.

But version (c) is in the orange and blue color scheme with the word “1954”, and version (d) is the same as (c) except that it includes both the words “1954” AND “6464-100”.

6464-100 grayfeather

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