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By Carol R. McGinnis, HE95-41066 Summer 2018 

Since 1954, and the formation of TCA, one of the main methods of communication with other members has been through a newsletter.  Starting in early 1955, the first TCA Newsletter was published. 

Today, we have a multitude of newsletters published not only by our National Business Office, by our Divisions, and even by many of our Chapters across the country.  Each of these gives a quick peek into the activities and actions that are going on within our organization.  Many of these are available online, which means that the audience can now grow exponentially! 

There are links from the TCA website to view some of these newsletters.  Go to Division/Chapter Newsletters (follow the menu from About TCA to Divisions & Chapters) to see what is happening across the contry. 

You can also go to the National Headquarters News (NHN) to view an electronic copy of the National Headquarters News.  (You will need to have a TCA login and password.)  If you have ever lost, or misplaced, your copy now you can access it readily.  If your division or chapter does not have a link on this page contact your entity directly.  Perhaps they need your help to make this happen?

This advantage to being a TCA member can be especially important if you are a traveler.  As you travel you can check the TCA Division locator to see what division is in the area.  Go to Find A TCA Division.  After that you can check the newsletters for that area.  If you go to Pittsburgh, for example, look at the Fort Pitt Division newsletter.  You will see what’s new to do, what’s happening in the area, and find our who you can contact for more information!  

Below are links to current newsletters, as of June, 2018.  URLs and content may change over time; contact divisions with any questions.  You may download, print, and use any of these newsletters for your personal use.

Atlantic Division  Latest Edition: Spring, 2018
Train shows at Penn Center, Boy Scouts of America participation in January,
and “A Trip to my Favorite Train Shop.”

Desert Division  Latest Edition: May, 2018  
Desert Division talks about their Pizza Meet, a report from Chris Allen,
and Greg Palmer, Rio Grande Chapter President. 

Dixie Division  Latest Edition: May, 2018
Dixie Division shares their president’s reflections, their treasurer’s report,
and their 5 meet schedule for 2018.

Dixie Division ~ Music City Chapter   Latest Edition: Winter, 2018
Music City talks about their train meet in Nashville,
and there’s a message from President Ron Hirst.

Dixie Division ~ Terminus Chapter Latest Edition: November, 2017
Terminus talks about their local meet in Acworth, Georgia and a free turkey lunch to members.

Eastern Division ~ WB&A Chapter  Latest Edition: Apr-Jun 2018
The Trolley
Details on Western Railway of Alabama, “View from the Observation Car”, and more

METCA (Metropolitan  Division) Latest Edition:  April – Jun 2018
METCA shares their latest edition April – June 2018. Includes comments from President, coverage of their participation in “The World’s Greatest Hobby” show, and other interesting articles.  Archive of old issues open to non-members is available here.

NETCA (New England Division) Latest Edition: June – July, 2018
Scroll down to the newsletter, under “News and Events.”
NETCA Division is our host for 2018 TCA Convention and talks about their fundraisers.

NorCal (Northern California Division)  Latest Edition: June, 2018
NorCal shares stories about their HUGE Cal-Stewar meet with TTOS,
a story about the Hellgate Bridge in New York, and some great pictures of vintage trains.

Pacific NorthWest Division (PNW)  Latest Edition: Winter, 2018
PNW talks about changes to their Chehalis, Washington meet schedule (in the Winter Update), and what’s happening in their chapters (in the regular edition).

Southern Division   Latest Edition: Spring, 2018
Spring 2018 edition                                             (all newsletters)
Southern features a trains for sale, information on upcoming train meets, and lots of nice pictures.  Do you know anyone photographed?

Western Division    Latest Edition: May, 2018
Western talks about a special presentation to TCA member John Parker
from President Joe Fanara at their upcoming May meet.  There’s an article
on American Model/Auburn Trains (AMT), as well.

(Note: The National Toy Train Library maintains a number of newsletters as received, and is in processing of evaluating them.)