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Flyer Pictures – Information Requested!!!

e*Train Issue: Oct 2011   |   Posted in: ,

By “Otis B. Drinkwater”
This is a pen name. To contact the author, please mail Editor Bob Mintz

I thought I would share two great finds that I obtained recently.

The first is an idealized drawing of the American Flyer Factory that I believe is c. 1920.  The item appears to be in its original frame and needs a bit of restoration.  This is a great drawing and it does not appear to have been used in any American Flyer advertising that I am aware of.

The second item appears to be the original artwork for the 1930 catalog cover.  There are several clues to its originality, which I will likely detail later in an article.  My understanding is that this item was found by the previous owner in a Chicago hobby shop several years ago.  Due to the item being loose in its frame, I removed it from the frame and it is quite interesting seeing it unframed.

If anyone has any information concerning the authenticity or background information on these two images, please contact Bob Mintz.