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Clem’s Primer Fall 2023

e*Train Issue: Sep 2023   |   Posted in:

by Carol Redman McGinnis, TCA# HE95-41066

It’s hard to believe that the October York Train Show will be here before we know it.  Where did the summer go?  Kids are back in school, high school football games, leaves falling, and trains!  WOW!

Clem’s York Primer© is ready for your review.   There is a lot if information here that is shared by Eastern Division, TCA groups, and TCA committees.  We want you to enjoy your time in York, and this Primer should help.

Let me know if there’s something not in here that needs to be here.

Also, let me know if there’s something here that doesn’t need to be.

Beware, there’s a new meet in town!  Eastern Division is opening Purple Hall on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 

Check out some of the details HERE: Clems Primer Fall 2023.