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Amtraking with the GG1s

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The Mighty Gs take a curve.

By John S. Halajko, TCA 84-20653 and John A. Bonfanti, TCA 87-26716
                                                  Spring 2019

The GG1 may be the most produced locomotive type in toy train history. It is hard to find a major manufacturer who has not produced multiple paint schemes, and no matter which gauge you run on, Standard, G, O, S, HO, N or Z, you will find samples of this mighty engine. Standard gauge operators may not have the luxury of lots of GG1s out there, but you can find them on Google video by searching for JAD Daniels Pennsylvania PRR GG1.

Among the last of the paint schemes for the GG1 was the Amtrak silver, red with a  single blue strip paint scheme of 1975. In Halajko’s opinion, it is the second-best Amtrak engine paint scheme.  Only the Acela is better. See for more GG1 paint schemes. According to this link, both the Lionel and Williams GG1 engine numbers are not a member of this paint scheme fleet, but we real toy train operators don’t count rivets or require correctness of the model.

The pictures and videos that follow were shot at John B’s layout with his consist of his Lionel Amtrak cars. Enjoy the videos that follow:

Of the O Gauge versions, no matter which GG1 you prefer, the traditional classic size or its cousin, the longer scale size, either one looks great by itself or pulling a consist of passenger cars. Some operators have been known to use freight cars behind Amtrak engines. Suffice to day, anything goes when the object is to have a fun run.

Which way are they going?
Righty – I’m faster than you.  Lefty – No way!
Did we forget something?
The Gs meet an old friend.

Alas, the running of the real GG1 is a thing of past. Come join us in celebrating its heritage by running any of the toy train sizes.  Aside – Both of us picked up our GG1s at York.  John B. still has his. John H’s went to his nephew as a Christmas present.

How come you’re so short?
Did you forget to take your vitamins when you were a kid?