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Be a Quarterly Author—Write for Us!

As TCA’s exclusive magazine just for members, The Train Collectors Quarterly is also shaped by members. Well-researched stories abound on The Quarterly‘s pages, and a lively exchange of viewpoints and information takes place in each issue’s letters section, known as “The Drumhead.” Readers also enjoy several regular and occasional featured columns, such as “Off the Rails.” 

Are you a train collector who also enjoys writing in a journalistic or personal reminiscence style about toy train manufacturers, individual trains, gauges, or nearly any other topic related to toy trains? We would love to work with you! Contact us to get started. 

What Kinds of Stories are Published? 

If you’re a new TCA member, you may not yet be familiar with the types of stories that get printed in The Train Collectors Quarterly. In short, it’s typically informative and/or entertaining content that members enjoy sharing. With our members doing so much fine work collecting, operating, planning, and restoring their trains—there is no doubt that we all have stories to tell! 

We’re looking for material that will help fellow hobbyists and collectors, as well as advance knowledge in the collecting realm more generally. Some examples include: 

Reach out to our Editor to learn more about the publication process and get started with contributing to The Quarterly. 

Have an Opinion? Write to “The Drumhead” 

The best magazines welcome reader letters to the editor, and The Train Collectors Quarterly is no different. If you’d like to submit comments on stories, corrections, or just general opinions, please write to us! We might just publish your letter in our regular column.

Write to: Mark C. Boyd, Editor
P.O. Box 248
[email protected]