model train set on track

Our Train Layouts at the National Toy Train Museum: Track Diagrams, Feature Pictures, Videos, and More!

While there is certainly no substitute for interacting with our exciting exhibits in person at the National Toy Train Museum here in Strasburg, PA, we are continually working to bring our toy train fans a fun online experience through videos, layout sketches, and more. Explore the multimedia features on this page to get in on the action from wherever you are!

Videos “From the Cab”

We have a number of videos shot from the cab of toy train locomotives making their way around the track on a particular layout. These fun videos give viewers a sense of what the engineer in the locomotive would see as the train moves around the track!

O Gauge Upper Track
O Gauge Middle Track
O Gauge Outer Loop
O Gauge Railtown Loop
S Gauge Lower Track
S Gauge Upper Track
G Gauge Trolley
G Gauge Lower Track
G Gauge Upper Track
HO Gauge Upper Track
HO Gauge Outer Loop
O Gauge Layout with Northern Lights

Discover More Stunning Visuals from Our Exhibits

At the National Toy Train Museum, our oldest toy trains date back to the 19th century, though we also have many objects that kids of all ages will remember from their childhoods in the 20th and 21st centuries! You can see some samples of our vast collection now by browsing an array of high-quality individual car and train photos along with overall exhibit views.

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In addition to being group-friendly, the National Toy Train Museum is fully accessible to all visitors. If you have questions about our facility, exhibits, collection, or anything else, you can browse our FAQs page or simply get in touch with our friendly staff!