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Wonder or Blunder?

e*Train Issue: May 2008   |   Posted in: ,

By Bob Mintz

The summer of 2007 would result in a whole new twist to three categories of collectibles, the “6464” series of boxcars; the Girl’s Set, and the Postwar Archives.

Since I owned the Postwar version of the “Girl’s Set”, I ordered an add-on hopper “archive” SKU #6-19357, advertised as #6444-25 N&W Hopper, which, along with #6-29622 “#6445 Fort Knox Mint Car” was produced as part, according to the website copy of the “ARCHIVE COLLECTION in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Girl’s Train Set, Lionel offers an uncommon pink version of the 6446 hopper and a lilac Fort Knox mint car straight from the imagination!”

Okay, so it’s not from The Archives, but the imagination will get further boggled down the pike as I will explain.

Like the three categories that this product affects, there are three problems with this statement.

Lionel’s own description in the catalogue itself stated that it was issue #6444-25 not 6446

It appears to me that whoever wrote this assumed that the hopper would be numerically sequenced after the #6445 mintcar, that being #6446.  (STRIKE ONE!)

The original mintcar was numbered #6445, so to be consistent, this modern version should have been numbered after its Postwar counterpart.  Unfortunately, the Postwar hopper is catalogued as “6436-500”, not 6446 and the description is, “643657”.  (STRIKE TWO!)

But we saved the best for last.  The number printed on the hopper itself is not 6446, nor 6436 but none other than are ol’ friend and buddy 6464!!!  (STRIKE THREE)

Or should I say “GRAND SLAM” for the collector?

As the saying goes, “One man’s poison is another man’s medicine”.

However you want to describe this item, it is an oddball as the errors exponentially exacerbated from printing to issue to web description.

This whole episode just caused me to start having flashbacks to High School English class and Mrs. Franzone coming to whack me (not Sopranos style though) on the knuckles with that big ruler, yet again.