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By Carol R. McGinnis, TCA 95-41066                                          Winter 2016

Brittains circus set.

With the Winter 2016 edition, Carol has undertaken the role of e*Train editor. You may also view her request for authors  here.

I am really excited about 2016 and the movement I feel among young and old to share their knowledge and experience with these little toy trains.  I owe a big thanks to Bob Mintz, who single handedly edited, published, promoted, authored, and did so much more to make e*Train what it is today.  His guidance and wit have carried this publication to the masses, and it is anticipated that this effort will continue.

I see the e*Train as a link to the X and Millennial Generations and then beyond, to those who are now growing up with the Internet.   In the meantime, TCA will promote and encourage the GI, Silent, X and Baby Boomer Generations.   As a Baby Boomer myself, I have seen the impact of the internet, the World Wide Web, and a computer on many people.  These “things” can be seen as a fancy typewriter with super powers to those of us who have been around the block for a while.  We can be intimidated, and some of those around us can be put off.  

In the meantime, our children and grandchildren are growing up in a much different world.  It is one where information is available with the click of a mouse, where pictures and text are readily available, but where learning can still take place at the kitchen table, now with a computer and an internet connection.

With that in mind, TCA can provide vital, historical, background, and contemporary information on a wide selection of subjects and venues.   Authors come from within the ranks of TCA, and also come from venues of interest like the Whippany Railway Museum and the B&O Railroad Museum. Searching these archives of TCA will be a continuing source of historically accurate information moving forward.

Moving forward I see e*Train as TCA’s format moving into the next era.  Thank you for your past contributions and for your future support.

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Pictures seen above: Some of Carol’s favorites: A Brittains circus set, PrideLines Toonerville Trolley, and  an MTH Pittsburgh PCC.