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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

e*Train Issue: Feb 2003   |   Posted in: ,

By Bob Mintz

Something is missing here. Most of us probably do not even realize it. Don’t even miss it. Many bought # 197 Rotating Radar Antenna used and did not give it a second thought or asked the seller about it.

I’ll give you another clue.

# 192 Operating Control Tower
# 175 Rocket Launcher

Although the # 192 Operating Control Tower and # 175 Rocket Launcher both shared the same superstructure, the mystery piece was never included as part of those packages. In fact, this obscure member shares a handle with the accessory itself.

It is a small piece, barely 4 ½ inches in height.     

If you guessed a whip antenna, you would be correct.

Ah, that’s better.

P.S. Extra points if you know where the original prototype for this Lionel accessory once stood. If you guessed it was once (since replaced) next to the local lane of the southbound NJ Turnpike by Newark (now Newark/Liberty) International Airport, you are now permitted to spend heavy on trains, not that you won’t do that without answering correctly anyhow!