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Wanted: TCA e-Train Editor

e*Train Issue: Oct 2015   |   Posted in:

March 2002 Masthead

By Stu Rankin  TCA #87-25191
Chairman, Internet and Technology Committee
      Summer 2015

This quarterly online publication is a monumental compilation of accurate and updated information about our hobby, with some fifteen years of content, a huge number of articles, and countless images of toy trains.

TCA is seeking a new Editor to continue this service. While each editor of a publication puts his or her stamp on it, here are typical elements of the post:

Establishes communication with potential authors of articles, encourages submission of text and photos on a wide variety of topics of interest related to train collecting, operating, layouts, maintaining, restoring, train-related and TCA events.

Rewrites or edits text and photos submitted as necessary, placing them into a general article format, keeping in mind related existing articles on same subject so that cross links and text references can be added. Strong writing and editing skills, as well as ability to take and edit photographs, and ability to work professionally with authors.

Seeks and provides a cover photo for each issue which illustrates some aspect of the hobby.

Writes and keeps current articles on new topics.

Submits this layout to TCA webmaster who sets up pages, places into broader e-Train file system with appropriate links and classifications, confers with webmaster as adjustments are made. Sends webmaster large version files of the pictures, so that webmaster can develop smaller versions for page placement with links to the full size versions where appropriate.

For some key long-time favorites, typically those listed under the Popular Subjects drop-down of the site’s menu, monitors these subjects for product information changes and/or photographs actual products when delivered for replacement of initial catalog rendering images.

Updates several Excel spreadsheets in a manner usable in web format, containing lists and characteristics of certain toy trains such at the the 6464 Chart.

While articles published may represent personal experience, they shall observe official policy: “Opinions and comments made in by-lined columns in this publication do not necessarily reflect the official policies of the Board of Directors or the views of officers and appointed officials; nor do they indicate an association endorsement of any products mentioned.”

For further information about this position, or to submit an application, please contact Stu Rankin at [email protected]. Editing or writing experience and writing samples submitted with applications are requested.

This appointment is subject to Board of Directors approval.