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Trenes Lionel

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By Bob Mintz

I found this 1953 Spanish version instruction manual at York a few years ago.  I thought it would be kinda neat to have, so I purchased it in the Blue Hall.

I was aware that Past TCA President Gordon Wilson and his wife Christie, current TCA Secretary, were going to Argentina on one of their many vacations, and more specifically, to Buenos Aires.

I asked Gordon, if he didn’t mind, to see what the former Lionel Service Station looked like.

I was expecting the building to be in an industrial area or a run-down part of town.  Thoughts danced in my head back to the Madison Hardware storefront, which became a Blimpie, Taco Bell, among other fast food restaurants at street level, or the nearby A.C. Gilbert Hall of Science, which is now office space.

Much to my amusement, this store became a bank.  Not just “a” bank, but the National Bank of Argentina.

The irony of this is that I met the great grand daughters of Joshua Cowen, and their nickname for him was “Banken,” because he was always supposedly in discussion with various bankers involving refinancing.  Guess he ultimately got his wish, in Argentina at least.