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The World’s Greatest Hobby (in any gauge)!

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By Mike Stella

There’s an “Around the Country Traveling Train Show” that goes by the name of “World’s Greatest Hobby.”  If you have not been to one in your area I encourage you to attend.

The Public shows up in the tens of thousands on a typical weekend and they come to see toy trains in all scales.

They’ll spend money too on a beginning set for junior even if junior is 30 years old!

You can get a lot of HO Railroad on a 4×8 plot of ground!

This is a terrific thing happening in our hobby and I for one support it to the hilt.  This holiday season in the Hobby Shop I play in, we are offering a new Athearn Freight set along with the WGH Track Pack kit and together a person can build a great 4×8 foot railroad empire.

Downtown “Smallville”

I have put a number of hours in building just such a layout that will soon make its way to the store to hang on the wall to demonstrate what a beginner can do.

Every holiday season I sell about 100 train sets to people just starting out.  Trains are still a big part of the season.

Get Involved.  Share your hobby.

Next year I’ll try “N” Gauge.