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The British are Coming! The British are Coming!!!

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It’s time to hold the annual British Railfair on Lionel Lines at a small station with a very long name!

By Mike Stella

I’ve been to York twice.  No, not that big toy train meet held twice a year in Pennsylvania, but to that great city in England that plays host to the British National Railway Museum.

It costs a bit more to get there but there is NO CHARGE to visit the museum.  We in the USA could learn a few things from our British neighbors!

It takes many hours to see all that is on display but our most recent visit found us in the back rooms labeled “The Achieves” and it is impossible to describe to you the thousands of train items hidden away.

Some of it is full size, much of it models.  And what fantastic models there are in cabinets and on shelves in large scales and in small scales.  You could spend an entire day just in this area and I almost did.

I have been to the United Kingdom about seven times in the last ten years and have really come to appreciate British STEAM and have spent a small fortune trying to collect as many different looking locomotives as I can.

There are no British 4-8-8-4’s running about but there are a variety of smaller wheel arrangements we have never seen over here.  I will let the pictures I took to accompany this article show you a bit of what I am talking about.

Please enjoy!

The first to arrive are an 0-4-0; a 2-4-0; and an 0-6-0.
Next we see an 0-6-4 and a 4-4-4.
The most famous British Locomotive “The Flying Scotsman” arrives.
The most famous British Locomotive “MALLARD” is next.
Here is a beautiful 4-4-0 from the builders at Hornby
A 2-6-0 built by Bassett-Lowke shows off.
A 4-4-2 and an 0-6-2 add to the variety.
A huge 4-6-4T arrives.  This loco was repowered by Lionel, a small American company!
A 4-6-0 from Leeds running great but in need of new paint!
A beautiful 2-6-2 now arrives at the show
An early 4-2-2, this nearly didn’t make it!
A classic 4-6-2 Princess Elizabeth from the Hornby shops
It’s a great day for a Railfair.