model train set on track


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By Bob Mintz

When I moved to Florida last summer, I was emptying out my storage bin and discovered, to my horror, that there had been a leak.  I picked up one of my Lionel accessories, and one would have thought that it was pregnant and that the baby’s water broke.  This occurred against one wall that I had stacked many pieces and the water was absorbed by my cardboard boxes of Super-O track.

This most likely occurred several months before I found it out, as we had had a rather harsh winter, and the Super-O track ended up with not only the middle copper rail that color, but the rails too.

I read on the TTML about this stuff called Evapo Rust and you can see for yourself…
You may want to review their website about this product as it may not be good for specific things, but it sure did one hell of job on the below.