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Signals by Greg

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By Mike Stella

“Lionel Lines” (The Largest Lionel Railroad on my Block) is so massive that track switches are often located out of site from the tower man or dispatcher controlling them.  I utilize many #153 Block signals to indicate switch positions so an engineer running his train (no women allowed) will know which route he will be traveling down.  After all, on THIS railroad, an engineer only runs the trains.  A tower man or yard man is used to throw mainline or yard switches.  This creates a much more realistic operating session.  None of that hand held remote control for me.  I believe toy trains from the 1950’s ought to be operated the way we did in the 1950’s.

I found that in several situations I needed multiple signal lights to give the engineers enough information approaching some of the more complicated trackage on “Lionel Lines”.  I let my best friend Greg know what I had in mind and over a three year span, I found a new signal under the Christmas tree for three years in a row!

Greg always said it was very difficult finding a gift for “The World’s Greatest Lionel Collector” having one of the largest and most complete Lionel collections ever assembled.  I really have enjoyed adding these custom made, one-of-a-kind Lionel signals to my railroad.

I think there are close to 40 #153’s on “Lionel Lines” and over a dozen #151s, but these three signals made by my best friend are my favorite.

I have been filling a box with leftover pieces of great Lionel stuff to give to Greg with a few ideas of what they could magically turn into.

I foresee another e*Train article somewhere down the track.

Until then, Happy Collecting AND Operating.

I needed a taller #153 with additional switch position indicator lights.
What’s good for a #153 is even better using a #151 creating a double semaphore.
I’ve always wanted a 3 light signal and here Greg used two #153’s to create one.