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Packardtown USA

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By Carolyn Burke, PAC member and Jim Yocum, TCA member  Summer 2016    

Editor’s Note:  As a follow up to last summer’s convention visit from the Packard Club to the National Toy Train Museum, TCA and PAC member Jim Yocum shares the following introduction:

Pictures are from a member of the Packard Club (PAC). This article was published in the Cormorant News Bulletin, a monthly periodical for Packard Club members. I have permission from the editor, Craig Handley for use with the TCA.

Many of the village buildings are GREENLEAF VILLAGE kits 1/4 scale. The Locomotive is a 2-4-2 Columbia and with the broad stripe on the side I believe it is from a Lionel Scout set (modern era.)  The first car behind the tender is a #6-17558 Lionel flat car from the Route 66 series with two Packard Station Wagons as a load.

The box car behind the flat car is made by Weaver in 1995 with Packard graphics. Weavers made a series of box cars that were automotive related. The Weaver cars were promoted by the EASTWOOD  CO. auto restoration supplies.  There is a Texaco oil car behind the Packard box car, the rest of the train is not visible. 

The model cars on the layout are all Packards of various years. Some of the cars are from Diecast Direct.

Note the car dealership is lettered as a Packard dealership:

Carolyn Burke’s description:

I had a small Xmas village before I married Brian.  After marriage, the village started expanding in size and buildings and the train appeared.  Now it is on nearly a 4 ft x 8 ft sheet of plywood with 13 lighted buildings, four streets, two stoplights,  17 Packards, about two dozen people, and 8 street lights.

The train has 7 railcars, one carrying Packards.  The train station and post office say Packardtown, USA.