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Lionel Fire Fighting Car # 6530

By Greg Mugione, TCA 17-72407 Fall 2018

While I have only been a member of TCA for a short time, I have been a dedicated collector, operator and enthusiast of Lionel Trains since my childhood in the late 70s and early 80s!  Since that time, I have accumulated a decent collection of Prewar and Postwar “O Gauge” items.

I recently acquired a collection of Postwar trains from an estate and in it, discovered a #6530 Firefighter Instruction Car made from a shell of an already painted #3530 Electro Mobile Power Car.  It is not a prototype as there are no hand-applied decals.  The paint job is definitely heat stamped.

Upon my discovery, I posted this find for members of the O Gauge Railroading On-line Forum in an effort to gain further insight.  The consensus of responses was that of never seen, heard or made aware!  

I am highly intrigued by this unique piece of rolling stock and look forward to hearing from any TCA members who may have further knowledge on the back-story of how this car came to be. 

Built by Lionel stamp
You can see the paint is chipped
Safety symbol
Safety car
Inside of the car
Top of the car with EMD 6530 stamped

Anyone with information may email Mr. Mugione, and please copy the Editor so we know too!