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My First York

e*Train Issue: Apr 2002   |   Posted in:

by Paul J. Licata I finally made it to York. I was not disappointed!

I started my visit by leaning against my favorite engine (GG1) in the PA RR Museum. Then off to the Toy Train Museum to hear the latest news from the Lionel, MTH, Weaver, and K-Line.

DCS is very impressive and will find a comfortable home on many layouts. Lionel has another “special” thousand dollar plus engine plus a very smart marketing campaign with Wendys coming up. K-Line continues to WOW with their great deals on nicely detailed items (KCC Switcher for one) and Weaver has a solid offering in their niche.

I met up late with the OGRR Forum people thursday night at Fridays. A nice bunch of folks.

Friday morning I got to the fairgrounds early and hooked up for the breakfast meeting with Clem. Another nice fellowship.

The fun begins at 9:00 a.m. when the doors open to all the halls. I never thought I would be overwhelmed by sheer volumes of toy trains. But nothing will prepare you for the amount of product available to meet any taste/budget. I stopped at every table enjoying seeing products that are advertised each issue in OGRR or CTT. I picked up four bearing rollers from JAK Tools to run my engines in place. The new version even has wheel cleaners built into the product. Neat.

The AOL group met at noon and again that evening at the Viking Club. What a great bunch of guys – this was fun. Putting the names and faces together far away from the monitor on my computer.

I picked up a couple of other small items and had the required hot pretzel and lemonade during a break from the action.

If you have been considering the jaunt to York. I have one word: GO

This newbie will be back in October.