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Motorizing the Taylor Made Truck Switcher

e*Train Issue: Jun 2003   |   Posted in:

By Bob Mintz

Many of us may recall LT-702 from the November 2002 issue of e*Train and were saddened by the fact that this cute switcher in Lionel orange and blue, did not have a motor with it.

I am happy to report that a simply installed motorized unit is now available.

No tools are necessary, but a small flat head screwdriver will also work fine.

There is a snap pin on each side of the shell that holds it to the chassis. Each one is by the word “fuel”, but they are not exactly opposite each other. This is so that you will place the shell on only in the correct method. See the red arrows.

Gently spread the shell away from the chassis with your hands or a small flathead screwdriver and the shell should immediately pop off. If not, use a second small flathead screwdriver on the opposite side.

Purchase part “PC” and you will see the pins on each side where the shell goes. (Again, see red arrows) As I previously mentioned, it can only be reassembled in one direction, which was a positive engineering decision in my opinion.

Call Toy Train Collector at 1-800-685-0333 or to order either item. As we have been informed that Taylor Made Trucks is closing its’ door for good very shortly and Internet orders will not be taken, the motorized chassis can also be purchased at:

Burns Manufacturing
Post Office Box
Rocky Point, N.Y. 11778
(631) 821-1644
Or e-mail Mac Burns at:
[email protected]

The cost is $59.00 + $5.00 S&H + NY sales tax.

I think that you will find the results to be quite attractive on your layout or shelf.