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Metamorphosis of Motorized Units- Change of Plans—

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By Bob Mintz
(Spring 2013)

Every butterfly you’ve ever seen was at one time, early in its life, a very hungry caterpillar.  Frogs, too, go through life stages during which they look nothing like the leggy creatures they ultimately become.

I was recently reassessing the requirements that I would need to add additional shelving to my condo–See:

I was trying to compute how many motorized unit items that I could put on a four or eight foot row.  I then went to the Lionel catalogs to review the dimensions of the various motorized units.  Much to my dismay and “amusement,” I found that there were several inconsistencies regarding the proportions of some of them.

No matter how many times I look at these Postwar catalogs, it never ceases to amaze me how many new things I discover that have been there since 1955, almost as long as myself, and I never noticed them before.

A case of catalog Editor asleep at the switch(er) or “Hey, Hey, the Gangcars all Here”, but we ain’t sure what dimension they are or which one they reside in.  The inspection cars may have been, but the copy sure wasn’t.