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Love those 60 year old Strombecker Kits

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By Mike Stella

I remember the wooden kits marketed by Strombecker when I was growing up.  Planes, boats, and trains too.  I can’t remember ever building one, opting for plastic models of airplanes and cars.

In the past several years, I have found four complete boxed kits of four different “O” gauge early steam locomotives, and have spent a few relaxing hours on each one building and painting according to the instruction sheets.

A good bottle of wood glue makes it easy, and I wonder how that powered glue that was always included with these kits worked?

It amazes me that these complete kits sold for about $1.00 and contained all the hardware, glue, even sandpaper.  The only thing needed is paint.

I do not know if there are additional Strombecker kits that I am missing, but I always keep an eye out at meets and once in awhile check the Internet.

A lot of enjoyment for a very small price and a good looking locomotive when completed.

Try it!

Make sure the box has ALL the parts required
The tender goes together easily and the loco boiler takes shape
Cab completed and it’s starting to look like a locomotive
Almost finished.  Use a good wood glue, not the package included!
Painted black and checking flatcar clearance
Trim painted.  This $1.00 kit from 1947 looks pretty good
In company with two other Strombecker locomotives.