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K-Line Katalogue

e*Train Issue: May 2003   |   Posted in: ,

By M. Stella

One Hundred and Sixty-Four pages of K-Line offerings just arrived in the mail and I have to wonder who in our toy train hobby is still buying all of this stuff? I like K-Line. I buy it when it is unique, priced low, or offer something I have been waiting for.

In the entire 164 pages I found ONE new item I plan to purchase. It appears on page 52 and is quite unique (cute too), priced reasonably, and is something I have wondered what took so long. A Plymouth Switcher won’t take up a lot of room on my railroad and it looks like it will be a lot of fun to operate. Thanks Maury.

I think these will be a hit. As for the remainder of the catalog….

In all fairness, I must admit I already ordered the club FMs. At $100 each they more then meet the requirement of low price.

I also have preordered a Scale Hudson, not that I don’t already own over 20 different Scale Hudsons, but I have always appreciated the looks of these NYC beauties and want to have at least one produced by K-Line.

Nothing else even raised an interest but I still await the manufacturer that will offer a “Baby Trainmaster” that is correctly 1 inch shorter then the current models being produced by everybody.

And where Oh where is the Acela? It amazes me that we continue to be deluged with locomotives that have been offered over and over and over again when there are so many new and different trains that could be produced. I’m still waiting for that DeWitt Clinton!

“EDITORS NOTE: One of these Plymouth Gas driven switchers (a 1946 model) is still working during weekdays in Felton, CA’s Roaring Camp & Big Trees Excursion Railway, hauling passenger cars and open gondolas into a large grove of Giant Redwood Trees. I have taken this ride. It is a bit NOISY, to say the least.”